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oliveology asked:
is there any way i could change the photo of the Elle magazine on the fresh air theme

You can : ) Just go to the “customize” page. When you scroll down you will see an option to upload a photo next to a field titled “Sidebar” . Just wait for the image to change and then hit save!

all themes retired except Fresh Air

I’m no longer coding, fixing or helping anyone with my old themes because there is just too many of them to keep track of. you can purchase customizations, fixes and custom themes from me. Just ask! Sorry about any inconvenience. As for Fresh Air, This is a new theme, hot off the press so let me know if there is any problems with it so I can fix them for you.

innocentaylor-deactivated201312 asked:
Hi! I just wanted to say ; thank you so much for making beautiful themes. Pastebin wasn't working for me and your theme is just perfect.

Aww you are so sweet. The fresh air theme looks good on your blog :)  Thanks! xox

Fresh air theme - Install - Demo
Lots of customization. Endless scroll. You even have the option to hide the captions. Change fonts, font sizes and a lot more!

New updates on the Stormborn theme

There were some problems with the photoset sizes and video sizes (and also bugs with sidebar links). They seem to be fixed but if you notice more problems please let me know asap. I usually spend a lot of time proofreading and checking the code but I wanted to get this theme out as soon as possible for the new season of game of thrones!!

The StormBorn Theme - This theme is a special occasion theme. It is not very customizable but I made it for all of you GOT fans like me, in hopes that we will all deck our blogs out with this sweet theme as we count down the days to the new season! UPDATED WITH A PHOTOSET FIX

Install theme - Live Preview

snakecharma-deactivated20140913 asked:
i just uploaded the pristine custom theme. thank you so much! it's lovely.

Glad you like it!

Regarding theme updates

Okay, hello everyone! I just wanted to say sorry that I am having a hard time responding to people lately. I stopped making themes several months ago, I wanted to focus on school 100% so I decided to take a break. I just wanted to post a little disclaimer so I can respond to you all at once because there are some re-occurring questions that I simply don’t have time to answer individually. Here we go:

Announcement #1: A few people have reported that “GRIDLINE” & “SLICED” themes are not allowing a custom sidebar image. I have tested this on many different computers, operating systems and browsers and I am not encountering this problem. Be sure that you are uploading your own photo where it says “SIDEBAR”. If it is still not working, Try messaging me again with more details and I will try to work it out. 

Announcement #2: Please understand that I spend several hours and sometimes even days creating these themes and giving them to you for free. Because I love you. So unfortunately, custom changes and themes are not going to be available for free. However, I will be making an option wherein you can request a theme and I can code it and design it for you for a reasonable price. 

Annoucement #3: I will not be answering any more questions on themes  ”WIDTHY” and older, these themes are out of date and were designed in the last year. I cannot spend all my time re-coding these. However, they are functional themes and they will still be available for install for the time being. I am now focussing on creating new fresh themes at the moment , so the older ones come as they are. 

Thanks a bunch! sorry once again that I had to bring all these points to attention in a text post, but I really don’t have time to answer hundreds of asks that have been gathering dust in my inbox for the passed few months. I apologize for any inconvenience, but I hope you understand!

mree-b asked:
Just have to say I love your Widthy Theme! I had it for a while and loved it! It accidentally got changed to something and I went on a wild goose chase trying to find it again! Great job!

I’m glad you like the theme! It was a lot of work, that one!

xoxomisslovely-deactivated20130 asked:
Your themes are so fab <3 I know this really isn't an ask, but I am such a big fan! I am downloading one of your themes tomorrow ^^ have a lovely day! Keep on rocking at what you do! Love, missbubbly ^^

Why thank you! I try my best. It has been several months since I have worked on any themes or even so much as logged on to this account, so I am a little out of touch. But expect more themes in the near future! 

ANGULAR THEME - A beautiful sunset-inspired theme, based on a large covering background. Featuring infinite scroll, a myriad of color options, 5 custom link slots and a beautiful drop down menu. 

Live preview - theme code - Background-image

How to add an ask box to a page

This tutorial is going to show you how to put a ask box into a regular page. It is pretty easy once you figure it out. First, create a page on your blog, then click “HTML”. This will bring you to the HTML page editor. The HTML button is found in the styles bar just above the text box.  All you have to do, is take this code and paste it into the HTML section of this page 

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TownHouse Theme - A simple 1-column theme intended for travel journalists and photo bloggers. Enjoy the myriad of color options, custom links & other easy customizable options that come with this fresh new theme. 

Live Demo Preview - Theme Code - Theme install